Riker Shock

Hey all,

Gabe here. Just as we got things running smoothly here, I got asked to contribute on a site called Article Cats. It’s just been re-launched and the new managing editor there has asked me to write for them. Her and my views line up very well and even though I’m a bit of a pain in the ass, I think it’s going to work out.

I’ve typically worked with print media and maintained a clause that lets me keep the rights to my articles, which means I can also post them here. I’ve had freelance work I haven’t been able to post, but that’s always been irregular enough it hasn’t shaken anything up. Since Article Cats may be more regular and is fully based online, some of my features will be moving over there. Which ones, I can’t say at this point, but I’ll make sure each one is linked here so you can easily find and read them.

If anything, this means more material for you, so if there’s a hiccup or two as I make the adjustment, please understand. I’m lucky in that I can rely on our amazingly thorough researcher, Amanda Smith, our exacting editor, Eden O’Nuallain, and our creative director, Vanessa Tottle.

This site will continue to feature original content. I’ll still write unique material for it. We still have our other great contributors. Aside from Amanda, Eden, and Vanessa, we regularly feature S.L. Fevre, Cleopatra Parnell, Olivia Smith, and Rachel Ann Taylor. We will still feature guest articles as well, and there are a few really good ones coming up. As well, we’ll be reblogging a bit more – this was decided before Article Cats even came up. We read some other great writers, and we’d like to start sharing their viewpoints with you more often.

As we figure out what fits Article Cats and when, we’ll be making some adjustments on the fly. Schedules may get a little unpredictable at points. Things may shift around a bit, but we will do our best.

Thank you so much to everyone who reads. I appreciate all the conversations you’ve started with me here and elsewhere, and I look forward to taking part in even more with you in the future.

Now I’ve got to find something that can calm Xena and Riker down. Ah, here we go:

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