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What’s New, What’s Expiring on Netflix

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by Gabriel Valdez

I notice a lot of people sharing what’s expiring on Netflix. Typically, it’s Daily Dot and Huffington Post (makes sign of the cross, sprinkles holy water around) links being thrown around, but these are usually half-assed and only cover what’s expiring on the last of the month, not what’s expiring mid-month.

There’s more complete information out there from more independent sources, and Justine Baron at JustBMovies writes monthly rundowns on What’s Expiring Soon and What’s New on Streaming. She covers all dates, not just the first and the last of the month (most sources miss this little nuance).

If you’re Canadian or British, first off: congratulations, that’s awesome, cause my god, I love your accent, but secondly, she’s got you covered, too.

The What’s Expiring Soon is current and her newest What’s New usually comes out on the first. Best of all, you don’t have to wait 500 years for Huffington Post (smears garlic on face, jumps in a colloidal silver bath) to load 13,666 ads for things you don’t need while torpedoing your computer or phone with third-party cookies (mmm…third-party cookies.)

JustBMovies also features some pretty solid movie reviews and regular rankings of your favorite directors and stars.