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New Shows + Movies by Women — July 22, 2022

This week’s a lighter week, but it has good range over different streaming platforms. On top of this, we’re getting a constant inflow of quality horror movies. This week’s Irish “You Are Not My Mother” and Sandra Oh-starring “Umma”, last week’s generational horrors “She Will” and the South African “Good Madam”, and Laotian time travel horror “The Long Walk” from the week before have meant a steady stream of early summer horror.

That’s not all there is, and this week’s new series arrive from Brazil and the U.S., while new films come from Australia, Ireland, and the U.S.


Rap Sh!t (HBO Max)
showrunner Syreeta Singleton

A rap group composed of women try to find success in Miami’s music industry.

While Issa Rae helped develop the concept, Syreeta Singleton showruns. She’s also written on “Insecure” and “Central Park”.

You can watch “Rap Sh!t” on HBO Max. The first two episodes have premiered, with new ones arriving every Thursday.

All the Same…or Not (Disney+)
co-directed by Suzy Milstein

In this Brazilian coming-of-age series, Carol is navigating both the pressures of high school and the new family her mother’s marriage introduces.

Based on the novel “Na porta ao lado” by Luly Trigo, the series is directed by Suzy Milstein and Marcelo Trotta.

You can watch “All the Same…or Not” on Disney+. All 10 episodes are available immediately.


You Are Not My Mother (Hulu)
directed by Kate Dolan

Char’s mother goes missing from their housing estate. She returns seeming…different. Char begins investigating around North Dublin for an answer, coming across family secrets that were long hidden away.

Writer-director Kate Dolan started out in art direction and set dressing before shifting into writing and directing.

You can watch “You Are Not My Mother” on Hulu, or see where to rent it.

Umma (Netflix)
directed by Iris K. Shim

Sandra Oh plays Amanda, who works a farm with her daughter. When the remains of her estranged mother arrive, Amanda fears she’s turning into her.

The horror film is written and directed by Iris K. Shim, an accomplished documentary filmmaker and editor.

You can watch “Umma” on Netflix, or see where to rent it.

Love and Penguins (Tubi)
directed by Christine Luby

Tilly works in animal sanctuary management, and lands a project to rehabilitate a resource-starved penguin sanctuary in Australia. There she meets their zoologist Fletcher, and sparks fly.

“Love and Penguins” is directed by Christine Luby, who got her start as a production manager and assistant director in Australian film.

You can watch “Love and Penguins” on Tubi.

Alone Together (VOD)
directed by Katie Holmes

During the pandemic, a pair of strangers in stressful relationships are booked for the same Airbnb in upstate New York. Katie Holmes, Jim Sturgess, Derek Luke, and Melissa Leo star in Holmes’s debut as a writer and second film as director.

Holmes is most famous for her roles in films like “Disturbing Behavior”, “Pieces of April”, and the series “Dawson’s Creek”.

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New Shows + Movies by Women — August 20, 2021

It’s a good week for Netflix and HBO Max, with each seeing a pair of projects arrive. It’s particularly good to see Sandra Oh lead another series, and one that seems tailor built for her to shine. It’s astonishing that a comic actress of her caliber has seen so few leading roles, and she’s often talked about the difficulty Asian women have getting cast as leads.

Before we dive in, I’ll also highlight a short film. MUBI is now featuring the short film “Menarca”, where women learn from piranhas how to defend themselves from men. It’s directed by Brazilian filmmaker Lillah Halla.


The Chair (Netflix)
showrunner Amanda Peet

A scandalized university English department declares its next chair and intended scapegoat: their first woman of color in the position. Sandra Oh leads what looks like an exceptionally promising series.

Amanda Peet is the creator and showrunner of “The Chair”. Chances are you’ll recognize her work as an actress from “Dirty John”, “Brockmire”, “The Good Wife”, or “Studio 60”. This is her first work as a showrunner.

You can watch “The Chair” on Netflix.


Reminiscence (HBO Max)
directed by Lisa Joy

Nick is a detective who dives into people’s memories. In a world that’s crumbling around him, he’s obsessed with tracking down his missing lover, Mae.

The cast for this is ridiculous. Hugh Jackman and Rebecca Ferguson star as Nick and Mae. Thandiwe Newton, Cliff Curtis, Marina de Tavira, and Daniel Wu also star.

Writer-director Lisa Joy co-created, writes, and directs on “Westworld”. Before that, she wrote on “Pushing Daisies” and “Burn Notice”.

You can watch “Reminiscence” on HBO Max.

Reefa (HBO Max)
directed by Jessica Kavana Dornbusch

Israel ‘Reefa’ Hernandez-Llach is a Colombian immigrant in Miami. It’s his last summer before going to college in New York on an art scholarship. Before he can get there, he suffers an act of police terrorism.

The film is based on actual events, where Israel was beaten and murdered by Miami Beach Police in 2013. Officers chased him for blocks before beating and tasering him for spray-painting graffiti in an area that’s a popular tourist destination in large part because of the work of artists like him. The eventual wrongful death settlement cost the police department a mere $100,000.

Writer-director Jessica Kavana Dornbusch is the child of Uruguayan immigrants. This is her first feature film since 2006’s “Love and Debate”.

You can watch “Reefa” on HBO Max, or rent it on Amazon, Google Play, Redbox, or Vudu.

Out of My League (Netflix)
directed by Alice Filippi

In this Italian film, Marta is an orphan coping with a fatal diagnosis. Her one dream is for a beautiful man to fall in love with her.

Director Alice Filippi has been an assistant director on “Hannibal”, “Spectre”, and “Inferno”. This is her first feature.

You can watch “Out of My League” on Netflix.

Habit (VOD)
directed by Janell Shirtcliff

A trio of drug dealers lose both the money and the drugs. Their only way out is to pretend that they’re nuns. “Habit” continues lead Bella Thorne’s interest in leading genre comedies and satires.

This is writer-director Janell Shirtcliff’s first feature.

You can rent “Habit” on Redbox.

Take a look at new shows + movies by women from past weeks.

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