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Go Watch This: “Chasin A Rainbow” by Railroad Earth

by Gabe Valdez

The music video for Railroad Earth’s “Chasin’ a Rainbow” is a great one. Full disclosure: it’s co-directed by a friend of mine, Stephen Gifford (the other director is Rick Sebeck) from Philadelphia production studio Pretty Damn Sweet.

This means two things: 1) I get to be amused by his posts about an airline losing camera equipment that is pretty vital to his continued sanity (a helpful airline employee found it the next day); and 2) I get the notice when this remarkable music video goes up.

We follow a number of children working in the coal mines – there are nuances of steampunk here – when one comes across a bit of magic that gives them a potential escape.

I don’t think it’s just about being a kid, though. It’s about those dreams we thought we’d one day achieve and the muck and mire that so easily detour us. It’s a great video, and I’ll freely admit to tearing up at the end. Go watch it!

(Users in most countries will have to click through to YouTube – copyright and all. It’s worth it.)