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New Shows + Movies by Women — July 2, 2021

This feature got a week off as I sorted out some technical issues. That means this week will cover new shows and movies by women from the last two weeks. The summer season is getting underway for new series, and there’s a range of new horror and horror comedies out.

It’s also a good moment if you have Netflix. Six of the 10 projects listed here can be found on that streaming service. I’ve written before how the platform seems to lap the field when it comes to supporting projects by women. Some of this may be due to simply having more projects overall. Netflix produces and acquires more original content than any other streaming service individually, so it’ll end up producing more content by women as well.

There are many weeks where it makes up more than half the field, though – producing and acquiring more content by women than everyone else put together. That does show they’re ahead of the industry as a whole. Of course, ahead of the industry as a whole still isn’t even proportional representation. While it’s worth recognizing, there’s still a long way to go.


Jiva! (Netflix)
showrunner Busisiwe Ntintili

A street dancer in Durban forms a crew for a dance competition. They’ll have to overcome their lack of experience working together and her family’s objections in order to win.

Showrunner Busisiwe Ntintili has written on a number of South African projects, including “Happiness is a Four-letter Word”.

You can watch “Jiva!” on Netflix.

September Mornings (Amazon)
showrunner Josefina Trotta

“September Mornings” follows a woman who leaves her hometown to pursue a career as a singer. She finds she has a son from before she transitioned, whose family is homeless.

The show stars Liniker, a Brazilian soul singer who’s an openly trans woman. Alice Marcone is one of the lead writers, and is trans as well. I point this out to highlight the involvement of trans voices. It’s crucial for these voices to be able to tell and feature in their own stories.

Showrunner Josefina Trotta is a prolific Argentinean writer whose work includes “My Name is Baghdad” and “The Book of Delights”.

You can watch “September Mornings” on Amazon.

Sex/Life (Netflix)
showrunner Stacy Rukeyser
directed by women

Billie sees her marriage threatened when a man from her past re-enters her life. Can her family possibly stand a chance when this man is…Australian?

Stacy Rukeyser was showrunner on what I picked as one of the best shows of the 2010s, the behind-the-scenes reality satire “UnREAL”. She’s also produced on “October Road” and “Greek”, among others. The series is entirely directed by women.

You can watch “Sex/Life” on Netflix.

Deadwater Fell (Sundance Now, Acorn TV)
directed by Lynsey Miller

This British murder mystery mini-series is centered on a small town and stars David Tennant. It’s premiering on Sundance Now, but I’d actually missed this on Acorn TV back in April, so there are multiple places to watch it.

Director Lynsey Miller has previously directed on “Eve”.

You can watch “Deadwater Fell” on Sundance Now or Acorn TV.

Young Royals (Netflix)
showrunner Lisa Ambjorn
directed by women

“Young Royals” follows a prince who struggles adjusting to his new boarding school.

The Swedish series is created and showrun by Lisa Ambjorn. She was also head writer on “Sommaren 85” and the creator of “Sjukt”. Erika Calmeyer and Rojda Sekersoz direct.

You can watch “Young Royals” on Netflix.

Nevertheless, (Netflix)
directed by Kim Ga-Ram

Two university students jaded by love and indifferent to relationships develop feelings for each other.

Kim Ga-Ram has directed on several well reviewed Korean daramas.

You can watch “Nevertheless,” on Netflix.


Fear Street: 1994 (Netflix)
directed by Leigh Janiak

The R-rated adaptation of R.L. Stine’s “Fear Street” series focuses on a group of teenagers who encounter a centuries-old evil. “Fear Street” is a bit of an experiment by Netflix. They’ll release the trilogy of new films in a three-week span. “Fear Street: 1994” is already available. “Fear Street: 1978” comes out July 9 and “Fear Street: 1666” arrives on July 16.

Director Leigh Janiak has previously helmed episodes of “Outcast”, “Scream”, and “Panic”.

You can watch “Fear Street: 1994” on Netflix.

Our Own (VOD)
directed by Jeanne Leblanc

A teenage girl becomes pregnant, but won’t reveal who the father is. Social pressures within her family and small community build to a breaking point.

The French-language, Canadian film is the second feature from writer-director Jeanne Leblanc. She’s worked in the industry for years as an assistant director.

See where to rent “Our Own”. (Some platforms may list it as “Les notres”.)

Good on Paper (Netflix)
directed by Kimmy Gatewood

A career-driven stand-up comic meets a man who seems too good to be true. The thing is, those good things about him? It starts to look like he made them all up.

Kimmy Gatewood has directed on a range of series, including “The Baby-Sitters Club” and “Girls5eva”. She may be better known from roles on “GLOW” and “Atypical”.

You can watch “Good on Paper” on Netflix.

Too Late (VOD)
directed by D.W. Thomas

Violet is a hapless assistant who has given in to the reality that her boss – a monster – is going to one day eat her. In the meantime, she provides him stand-up comics to conscume. Then she meets Jimmy. The two attempt to escape becoming dinner.

D.W. Thomas has an extensive background as an editor. “Too Late” is her feature debut as a director.

You can rent “Too Late” on Amazon, Fandango, iTunes, or Vudu.

Take a look at new shows + movies by women from past weeks.

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