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News Snapshot, November 11

News Snapshot lead

by Gabriel Valdez

This is a snapshot of what’s on the news 9:30-10:30 AM today. I flip back and forth to catalogue what each channel is showing and who they’re interviewing, and try to give equal time to each.

CNN: White people in Ferguson, MO are buying guns (sales up 50%) because they’re scared of black people, even though the only people shot in the town thus far are black. Here’s a random white person we scraped off the street to tell you why white people are so scared. Later, coverage on one doctor passing through his ebola quarantine.

Weather Channel: Investigative report into the number of deaths suffered by immigrants crossing the border, featuring interviews with relatives, experts, and immigrants themselves. Examines the root causes of illegal immigration, the history of migrant workers, and law enforcement’s response. Later, a report on a lava flow destroying property in Hawaii. Brief breaks for the weather.

FOX: Special report on Ronald Reagan, featuring newly released tapes of him being apologetic to Margaret Thatcher about having to meet foreign dignitaries. Followed by Lou Dobbs telling us why net neutrality would ruin America and Martha MacCallum (I believe) insisting that free internet in libraries is an evil that must be stopped. All interviews are with in-house personalities.

Al Jazeera: Roundtable discussion on the Trans-Pacific Partnership and whether China is being excluded or will have a future role, followed by a report on Nigeria’s upcoming election in the face of terrorism. Later, an interview with a woman campaigning against forced sterilization of the poor in rural India.

MSNBC: Fairly nonstop coverage of one doctor in New York passing through his Ebola quarantine.

Comedy Central: Daily Show editorial on U.S. intelligence basing their assumption of killing the leader of ISIS on a tweet made by Jordanian intelligence pretending to be ISIS. Followed by editorial on President Obama’s placement of 3,000 troops in Iraq despite insisting there are no “boots on the ground.” Followed by an on-site investigative report comparing public uproar when dogs are shot by police to lesser uproar when minorities are shot by police, including three expert interviews and an opening panel discussion.

1 on-site report interviewing 1 expert and 1 man-on-the-street. At least 5 interviews with personalities who work for the same network.

Weather Channel, Comedy Central, Al Jazeera
5 on-site reports including interviews with at least 8 outside experts, as well as 2 roundtable discussions. Zero interviews with internal network personalities.

This is just a snapshot. Please draw your own conclusions.