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New Shows + Movies by Women — July 30, 2021

There are only two new entries this week, but both are well reviewed character pieces. That’s a light week, so if you’re looking for more options or different genres, remember that this feature runs every Friday. There’s an archive that’s 75 articles long. It’s full of series and movies directed by women.

That covers projects across every genre, from dozens of different countries, hosted on streaming platforms both common and niche. It’s there for you to explore.

Let’s dive into this week’s entries:


The Pursuit of Love (Amazon)
showrunner Emily Mortimer

“The Pursuit of Love” is based on the novel by Nancy Mitford. Two women in pre-World War II Britain obsess over love, marriage, and sex in the looming shadow of social and political division. Lily James, Emily Beecham, Dominic West, Andrew Scott, and writer-director Emily Mortimer star.

Emily Mortimer, of course, also starred in “The Newsroom”, “Hugo”, “Shutter Island”, and “Transsiberian”, just to name a few. This is the second series she’s written and first she’s directed.

This is a three episode miniseries. You can watch “The Pursuit of Love” on Amazon.


Lorelei (VOD)
directed by Sabrina Doyle

Wayland is released from prison after 15 years. He encounters Dolores, an ex from high school who now has three children of her own. The two reconnect and try to build something in the shadow of personal and economic trauma and loss. Jena Malone and Pablo Schreiber star.

This is the first feature written or directed by Sabrina Doyle.

See where to rent “Lorelei”.

Take a look at new shows + movies by women from past weeks.

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Help! I mixed up “Cinderella” and “50 Shades of Grey”

by Cleopatra Parnell

Help! I double-featured Cinderella and 50 Shades of Grey, but I forgot which film is which! Will you help me figure it out?

Let’s see…a woman gives in to suffering at the hands of those around her. This suffering has no rhyme or reason, but after she gives up her agency and allows herself to be abused, she is rewarded with a handsome man who covets her after only one brief meeting where he barely gets to know her. That was definitely…which one? Damn, I’ll need to be more specific.

OK, in one the hero is forced to wear bondage gear that was so tight the actress could only eat liquid foods while shooting the movie. That has to be 50 Shades, right?

Cinderella corset


OK, in one the hero is definitely locked away in a life of slavery and unrealized dreams. Every day, she does backbreaking chores that please her master, who wishes nothing less than to dominate her and remind her of her place. I remember in one, the hero asks questions and learns about why this is before making her decision. In the other, the hero shuts up, accepts it, and cries alone to herself.

That MUST have been 50 Shades.

Cinderella dirty

I’m so bad at this!

Hmm. Cinderella is all about women, right? The evil stepmother, her older stepsisters, a fairy godmother, and Cinderella herself. So the one that spends the most time focusing on the relationships between men must be 50 Shades. It’s all about domination and ownership, right? It must really focus on men.

Cinderella just some dudes

Oh gosh no what a surprise!

Cinderella pushes Cinderella herself to the side to talk about how awesome men are at being men with each other. But if Cinderella invents new characters in order to create healthy relationships among men who are patient and grow to understand each other, then it must invent characters with whom Cinderella can develop healthy, communicative relationships, right? It can’t just turn a movie about Cinderella’s struggle into an ode to how awesome and understanding men are, can it?

The movie that offered its female hero a confidant and equal who was willing to talk to her about difficult decisions couldn’t have been…

50 Shades Dakota Eloise

Whaaaaat? That…that doesn’t look like Cinderella! She’s wearing jeans and eating something that’s NOT LIQUID. Now I’ll never be able to tell these movies apart!

Wait, I think I’ve got it! In one, the hero has a job and educates herself. She has friends and a family life. She gives into a potentially harmful relationship, but at least she’s worked hard enough for herself to have options. That relationship is her own choice, one which she educates herself about, and it’s not a choice made for her.

In the other, the hero scrubs floors, and she’s taught if she shuts up and scrubs floors extra hard then magic will happen and reward her for shutting up so good! What’s the reward? A man likes you! Fuck yeah!

I think I’ve almost figured out which is which now. The one that’s somehow more feminist, I remember that one! That’s 50 Shades. The one that makes you look at the big house in the nice neighborhood and tells you if you don’t rock the boat or try to change anything for the better, maybe one day you’ll live there? That’s Cinderella. Cinderella is the one where she doesn’t even put up as much fight as she did as a 1950s cartoon.

DISCLOSURE: Both BDSM and Disney movies are fine. Shitty representations of either aren’t.

Cinderella Glass Slippers

50 Shades Bind