Toni Collette in "The Power".

New Shows + Movies by Women — Power, Wellness, Meet Cutes

It’s a lighter week, so we’ll dive in quickly. I’m particularly excited for “The Power”, which has some notable names in front of the camera (such as Toni Collette) and behind it (showrunner Raelle Tucker has a great resume for grounded supernatural work, and a BAFTA winner and nominee are among the directors).

New series this week come from Australia and the U.S., and new movies from the U.K. and the U.S.


The Power (Amazon)
showrunner Raelle Tucker
directed by women

Toni Collette and John Leguizamo star in a series where teenage girls develop the ability to control electricity. Based on the novel by Naomi Alderman, this sudden shift upends power dynamics both social and political.

Raelle Tucker showruns. She’s previously written on “Supernatural” and written and produced on “Jessica Jones” and “True Blood”. All 9 episodes are directed by women, including two apiece by BAFTA winner Neasa Hardiman (“Happy Valley”) and BAFTA nominee Shannon Murphy (“Babyteeth”).

You can watch “The Power” on Amazon Prime starting tomorrow, Friday March 31. That’ll be when the first three episodes drop, with a new one arriving every Friday.

Wellmania (Netflix)
co-showrunner Brigid Delaney
directed by women

Celeste Barber plays Liv, who becomes obsessed with wellness therapies and cleanses in the wake of a health crisis.

Brigid Delaney showruns with Benjamin Law. The pair created and developed the show based off Delaney’s novel. Helena Brooks and Erin White direct four episodes apiece.

All 8 episodes are out on Netflix.


Rye Lane (Hulu)
directed by Raine Allen-Miller

A young man and woman recovering from terrible breakups enjoy an unexpected day with each other in South London.

This is the first feature film from director Raine Allen-Miller.

You can watch “Rye Lane” on Hulu.

Prom Pact (Disney+)
directed by Anya Adams

Peyton Lee stars as Mandy, a high schooler in need of a legendary letter of recommendation. She targets the school’s jock, whose father is a senator, but gets roped into tutoring him instead. Sparks may fly.

Director Anya Adams has helmed episodes of “The Expanse”, “Yellowjackets”, and “A League of Their Own”. She started essentially as an apprentice in the late 90s on “The Practice”, as part of the Directors Guild of America’s Assistant Director Trainee program.

You can watch “Prom Pact” on Disney+.

Take a look at new shows + movies by women from past weeks.

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