Andrea Riseborough in Please Baby Please.

New Shows + Movies by Women — Please Baby, Next Exit, Love Lies

One of the films I’ve been most looking forward to is coming out on streaming. That’d be the campy “Please Baby Please”. I get that Andrea Riseborough’s a controversial topic right now due to her Oscar nomination (“To Leslie”) over Viola Davis (“The Woman King”). That’s a systemic issue with the nominating process and not exactly Riseborough’s fault. There’s no reason to avoid featuring her films here.

There are no new series this week, but new films by women come from Nigeria, Spain, and the U.S.


Please Baby Please (MUBI)
directed by Amanda Kramer

A gang obsesses over Bohemian 1950s newlyweds, thrusting them into a musical exploration of sexual identity. Andrea Riseborough, Harry Melling, and Demi Moore star.

Amanda Kramer is an experimental filmmaker who also directed “Paris Window” and “Ladyworld”.

You can watch “Please Baby Please” on MUBI, or rent it.

Next Exit (Hulu)
directed by Mali Elfman

Two strangers seek roles in a scientific experiment that would send them to the afterlife. They road trip across the U.S. to get there, one with a haunting past, the other literally haunted.

This is writer-director Mali Elfman’s feature debut.

You can watch “Next Exit” on Hulu.

Here Love Lies (Netflix)
directed by Tope Oshin

Amanda is a travel blogger who’s wooed by an American tour guide over social media. She travels to the U.S. so they can meet up, but things quickly go sideways into thriller territory.

The Nigerian film is directed and co-written by Tope Oshin. An established director in Nigeria, Oshin helmed “We Don’t Live Here Anymore” in 2018. It was refused a theatrical release in Nigeria due to its queer characters, but was later picked up by Amazon and earned several wins at the Best of Nollywood Awards.

You can watch “Here Love Lies” on Netflix.

Love at First Kiss (Netflix)
directed by Alauda Ruiz de Azua

(Netflix lacks an embeddable trailer, but there is one on their site.)

A 16 year-old boy discovers he can see the entire future of a romance whenever he kisses someone for the first time.

The Spanish film is directed by Alauda Ruiz de Azua, whose “Cinco Lobitos” earned her a Goya Award (Spain’s Academy Awards) as Best New Director last month.

You can watch “Love at First Kiss” on Netflix.

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