Crew for the heist in "Dragon Age: Absolution".

New Shows + Movies by Women — December 9, 2022

It’s a light week, so let’s get into things quickly. Keep an eye out next week for a feature on new holiday movies by women, which I’ve split off as its own article.

New series by women this week come from Mexico, South Korea, and Spain, while new movies come from the U.S.


Dragon Age: Absolution (Netflix)
showrunner Mairghread Scott

The RPG series “Dragon Age” gets its first film/TV production in a decade. The core video games are famous for consequential player choices, quality character writing, and a feast of in-universe history for lore hounds.

The animated series seems to be taking what was once the proposed plot for “Dragon Age 4” – an elf builds a heist crew to steal from a blood mage in the magic-steeped Tevinter Imperium.

Showrunner Mairghread Scott started off as an assistant and production coordinator on the “G.I. Joes” and “Transformers” animated universes. She eventually wrote for animated Marvel series like “Guardians of the Galaxy”, the film “Wonder Woman: Bloodlines”, and “Star Wars Resistance”.

The animation is by South Korean studio Red Dog Culture House, which also worked on “The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf”, and “Love, Death + Robots”.

You can watch “Dragon Age: Absolution” on Netflix. There are six episodes, all out immediately.

The Most Beautiful Flower (Netflix)
showrunner Michelle Rodriguez

(There’s no English trailer, but options are available for the series itself.)

This Mexican series follows Mich, whose confidence doesn’t match how her classmates treat her.

Comedian Michelle Rodriguez (not the action star) writes and showruns. She’s acted in a number of film and series, such as “I Carry You With Me” and “How to Break Up with Your Douchebag”.

You can watch “The Most Beautiful Flower” on Netflix. All 10 episodes are out.

Smiley (Netflix)
half-directed by Marta Pahissa

(There’s no English trailer, but options are available for the series itself.)

Upset with his boyfriend, Alex leaves a voice message for the wrong person. Receiving it, Bruno meets up with him, wrapping the pair into each others’ complicated lives.

Four of the Spanish series’ eight episodes are directed by Marta Pahissa. She started out as an assistant director, also working as a post-production coordinator for a talk show. She’s increasingly gotten directing jobs on Spanish series.

You can watch “Smiley” on Netflix. There are 8 episodes.


Bed Rest (Tubi)
directed by Lori Evans Taylor

A pregnant woman is on bed rest. She begins to think her house is haunted. Is it real, or simply her imagination running wild?

Writer-director Lori Evans Taylor started out as an extra, but shifted into writing and segment production on reality TV. “Bed Rest” is her first feature.

You can watch “Bed Rest” on Tubi.

My Favorite Girlfriend (Hulu)
directed by Amanda Raymond

Conrad has trouble telling whom he’s in love with when the woman he’s dating has multiple personalities. They each act differently and lead unique lives. I have no information as to how the film handles mental illness.

Writer-director Amanda Raymond started out as an actress before moving into production assistant work on animated series. This is her second feature as director.

You can watch “My Favorite Girlfriend” on Hulu.

Take a look at new shows + movies by women from past weeks.

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