Billy Porter stars as the Fabulous Godmother in the new "Cinderella".

New Shows + Movies by Women — September 3, 2021

In the wake of Texas’s unconstitutional ban on abortion, I’d urge everyone to call their congresspeople and demand the codification of Roe v. Wade into law. This goes doubly for us men. This is too often seen as an issue for women alone to support, rather than as a human rights issue. Too many men who support the right to choose do so quietly – and while ours aren’t the voices that should lead the fight, we too often mistake that fact for the idea that we shouldn’t even participate in it.

Our leaders, such as they are, need to hear men’s voices being angry about this, too. Many of those leaders still treat cis men’s voices as mattering more than any others. That feeds into how we got to this point. It’s still an exception for men to raise our voices in support of the right to choose.

We don’t have to imagine ourselves leading a fight in order to vocally make clear that we support that fight. Women need us to raise our voices in support of their rights, to add pressure on our congresspeople that cannot be added if we keep quiet. We either meet that expectation or we fail it, and if we as men can’t even meet the expectation of making a few phone calls to voice our support for the right to choose, then what the hell good are we in the first damn place?

There are many actions to take, but the point is, start taking one of them now. Don’t figure this is someone else’s fight to wage. Being an ally is not composed of opinion; it is composed of work.

Getting to this week’s movies (there are no new series):


Cinderella (Amazon)
directed by Kay Cannon

Camila Cabello stars as Cinderella in an updated, musical interpretation of the fairy tale. The cast for this is impressive: Idina Menzel joins as her evil stepmother, Billy Porter as the Fabulous Godmother, and Pierce Brosnan and Minnie Driver are the king and queen.

As a musical, it uses covers of pop songs. While not exactly the same territory, the trailer sparks of “Moulin Rouge” and the anachronism of “A Knight’s Tale”.

Writer-director Kay Cannon has previously directed the underrated “Blockers”. She also wrote and produced the “Pitch Perfect” series, as well as on “30 Rock”, “New Girl”, and “Girlboss”.

You can watch “Cinderella” on Amazon.

Worth (Netflix)
directed by Sara Colangelo

Michael Keaton plays Ken Feinberg, the attorney who led the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund. The fund had to calculate the monetary worth of individual lives lost in the attack. Stanley Tucci plays a community organizer fighting for victims’ rights.

Director Sara Colangelo previously helmed the disturbing Maggie Gyllenhaal vehicle “The Kindergarten Teacher”.

You can watch “Worth” on Netflix.

Take a look at new shows + movies by women from past weeks.

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