Plan B stars Victoria Moroles, Kuhoo Verma.

New Shows + Movies by Women — May 28, 2021

I’m going to keep the intro brief today. I got my second COVID vaccine Wednesday, and the side effects are pretty intense. I’m still really glad to have gotten it, of course. If the vaccine is hitting me hard for a few days, I can only imagine how dangerous it would have been if I’d gotten COVID for weeks. Plus, my doctor tells me getting the side effects only 5-or-10% of people get means I have a great immune system, which you’d think would be reassuring in most cases. Point is, I’m keeping the intro brief this week so I can go toss myself back into bed.

And remember to get your vaccine. Saying it’s a rough few days shouldn’t be discouraging. One night of Joseph Conrad-level fever dreams is character-building, but if I’d caught COVID, I might’ve had weeks feeling like this or far, far worse. If anything, this brief window into part of what COVID can feel like makes me a hell of a lot more thankful I got the vaccine, because now I’m resistant to ever having to go through it.


Panic (Amazon)
showrunner Lauren Oliver
mostly directed by women

Panic is a game where graduating seniors in rural Texas face a series of challenges to win money and leave town. Only one can win. It’s based on the novel of the same name, written by writer and showrunner Lauren Oliver. She also wrote the Delirium trilogy and “Before I Fall”.

It looks like the majority of the series’ directors are women as well: Megan Griffiths, Gandja Monteiro, and Ry Russo-Young direct two episodes apiece, while Leigh Janiak directs the premiere.

You can watch “Panic” on Amazon.

Whitstable Pearl (Acorn TV)
showrunner Julie Wassmer

A restaurant owner who once wanted to be a police officer establishes a private detective agency. Her first case is the murder of a close friend.

Showrunner Julie Wassmer has been a writer on other British fare like “Family Affairs” and “EastEnders”.

The first two episodes became available May 24, 2021. Additional episodes will premiere one a week on Mondays through June 14. You can watch “Whitstable Pearl” on Acorn TV.


Plan B (Hulu)
directed by Natalie Morales

After having sex for the first time, a high school student needs access to Plan B. The problem is that her state makes it difficult to access. She has 24 hours to track the pill down with her best friend.

Director Natalie Morales may be more recognizable for her acting in “Dead to Me” and “Santa Clarita Diet”. “Plan B” is her second feature as director and producer, and she’s also directed on HBO anthology series “Room 104”.

You can watch “Plan B” on Hulu.

Baggio: The Divine Ponytail (Netflix)
directed by Letizia Lamartire

Roberto Baggio was a soccer player who became internationally famous both for his play on the field and his unique accessibility. The Italian film is a biopic about his career and impact on the sport.

This is the second film directed by Letizia Lamartire.

You can watch “Baggio: The Divine Ponytail” on Netflix.

Take a look at new shows + movies by women from past weeks.

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