Actions to Take: Sacramento Incident of Police Violence

Sacramento DA office, Community Policing:
(916) 874-6218
(wait for first sentence of message to complete, then hit 8. On next menu, hit 1)

Sacramento Mayor’s office:
(916) 808-5300
(press 0 at menu, then press 1 on next menu)

Reporting that evidences this incident of police violence is right here.

Demand that the officer who committed these crimes is charged and prosecuted. They disobeyed their training by shooting a teenager in the face with a rubber bullet. That training exists because shooting someone in the face with rubber bullets can cause severe injury or death. Having that training yet using these weapons in that fashion regardless is attempted murder.

Given that Sacramento has multiple incidents of police violence and misuse of weapons, demand that commanding officers are investigated for whether assault on peaceful protesters and bystanders was ordered, either formally or informally. Demand investigation of whether commanding officers gave orders to disregard training by aiming rubber bullets at people’s faces. Charge and prosecute commanding officers as necessary.

The DA’s office cannot rely on the police to investigate a crime the police themselves committed. They must make an independent decision to charge and prosecute. They have photographic evidence, witnesses, and a victim.

This is not asking the DA’s office to do anything special. This is expecting them to do their job. I want to stress that the Sacramento DA’s office will treat you like shit. Don’t let this deter you. Communicate your expectations, call back if they hang up on you, repeat yourself if they transfer you. They act like bullies; show them that acting this way holds no power.

Additional video of the aftermath:

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