Actions to Take: New York City Incident of Police Violence

Manhattan DA’s office:
(212) 335-9000
(lodge your complaint, they’ll put you through to Community Management)

NYC Mayor’s Office:
(212) 639-9675
(just keep telling the automated system “operator” until you get connected to one)

Reporting that evidences this incident of police violence is right here.

Demand that the officer who committed these crimes is charged and prosecuted. He is clearly walking beside a superior who ignores the action. Demand that this superior is investigated. Further demand that the officer’s commanding officer is investigated for whether assault on peaceful protesters was ordered, either formally or informally.

There is an independent review, but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything. The DA’s office cannot rely on the police to investigate a crime the police themselves committed. They must make an independent decision to charge and prosecute. They have video evidence, witnesses, and a victim.

This is not asking the DA’s office to do anything special. This is expecting them to do their job.

Article contains video of incident from multiple angles.

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