Dear Everybody: The 1983 “Scarface” Was a Remake

Scarface Paul Muni

by Gabriel Valdez

It was just announced that Scarface will be remade by the incredibly talented director Pablo Larrain. The only problem? Well, the internet seems to be exploding with disgust at the notion that a classic original like 1983’s Scarface, starring Al Pacino, could possibly be denigrated by a remake.

The only problem with that only problem? The 1983 Scarface was a remake of the 1932 classic Scarface starring Paul Muni.

Let’s stop saying that a remake is sacrilegious. If it were, the film that everyone’s defending against being remade…? It wouldn’t even exist.

3 thoughts on “Dear Everybody: The 1983 “Scarface” Was a Remake”

  1. This is funny. I keep seeing stuff on social media of people outraged that they would remake Scarface. Saying that nothing will come close to the “1983 original.” I’m like “haha news flash: the 1983 movie was a remake too.” *crickets*

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