IndieGoGo Highlight — “Reasonable Fear”

by Gabriel Valdez

Reasonable Fear is a new Philadelphia short play festival exploring street harassment and rape culture. In the words of producer Alyson Rodriguez Orenstein, the series will feature “survivors’ tales, pieces on street harassers, pieces on the difficulty of reporting crimes like rape, and pieces on the media’s contribution to the sexual objectification of women.”

Orenstein and co-producer Amanda Sylvester are currently running an IndieGoGo campaign to make the show a reality.

Reasonable Fear will be presented at the Luna Theater April 16-25, and Saturdays will feature comedians addressing the subject of harassment and rape culture; the line up includes Rachel Fogletto, Vickie Fernandez, and Hannah Harkness.

Orenstein and Sylvester are putting on my favorite kind of production – being formed as something entirely new from the ground up. These kinds of productions can help theatre respond more swiftly to the social issues we deal with today. It’s also still rare to see theatre that’s produced by women or that features women as the focal point. Money from their fundraising campaign will go toward venue, set design, and promotion, among other things.

I don’t like to donate to anything unless I know where it’s coming from, that who I’m donating to is reliable. It’s why I list fundraising campaigns very rarely and only when I’m familiar with who’s running them. Touch Me Philly Productions is a theatrical production company with a history (you can check out their past shows here) of bringing successful live performances to bear, including hosted horror events, concerts, variety hours, and burlesque shows.

Stop by their IndieGoGo, hear what they have to say for yourself and if you’re in the Philly area or just want to see more shows that cover these topics, consider donating to help put this one up.

If you’re an actor in Philadelphia who’s interested in auditioning, you can also check out the listings, but please be aware you only have until March 7.

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