Go Watch This: Mighty Dubstep Power Rangers

Power Rangers Katee Sackhoff James Van Der Beek

by Rachel Ann Taylor

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was beautifully stupid, but it used a diverse cast and kid-friendly themes to tell far-reaching stories about betrayal, disappointment, and how cheesy friendship could overcome it all. It’s not a classic in the sense that it was good, but its DNA is in the blood of every TV superhero franchise since its inexplicable popularity. I watched it religiously.

Joseph Kahn’s post-apocalypse bootleg short Power/Rangers reimagines their blood-soaked, exploitative future, complete with James Van Der Beek as a traitor and Katee Sackhoff as a grown-up Pink Ranger. Then enjoy the cries of fans waving their wallets in the air in the hope of kicking off a crowdfunding campaign.

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