Readers and Writers are Healthier — Science Says!

Avid Reader

by Gabriel Valdez

As you read this, you are actively staving off Alzheimers, reducing your stress, and training yourself to comprehend the universe better. You’re welcome.

But don’t take our word for it. Mic’s Rachel Grate recently ran a pair of articles about the effect of reading books and the physical advantages of being a writer. Spoiler – being a writer can even help you heal from physical wounds faster. We’re like superheroes.

Even those who write in journals or diaries end up better off (unless you’re starring in Gone Girl) – reflective writing of any sort adds up to making both the body and mind healthier.

Now, one thing she points out is that reading comprehension is better with hard-copy books. We read in a more linear fashion and tend to speed-read less. The Kindle’s great and all, but remember to put it down and pick up a hard-copy if you want to keep your brain working at its peak.

But, you know, come back for us. We’re only on the computer (phone/tablet/brain implants).

Now go click those links and read Grate’s articles. If you’d like to read some of her other work, she’s archived on Mic and you can always check out her older work (like a fantastic article on Beyoncé) on the blog Austen Feminist.

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