Go View This: 75 Iconic Photos to Define This Short Century

75 Iconic Photos reblog

by Gabriel Valdez

While their title is shameless clickbait and suffers from the grotesque appendage, “Everyone Needs to See This,” Distractify’s “These 75 Iconic Photos…” is a pretty stellar roundup of photographs that really do help define the last 15 years.

The article by Mark Pygas was compiled back in April, but it’s struck a recent surge in popularity and deserves to be seen. The photos cover the entire globe – some images you’ll recognize and others will be new. Like the events of this past, rather frustrating decade-and-a-half, some of the photos will break your heart, and others will give you hope.

I feel they’re important to look back on and share, to remember how this young century has already been shaped for better or for worse.

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