Putting “Ideal” Over the Top

I posted about “Ideal” three weeks ago. In the meantime, Kevan Tucker’s horror comedy blew its $8,000 IndieGoGo campaign out of the water. There are still a brief four days left to contribute, however.

Why should you when it’s already topped its goal? Because this is filmmaker Kevan Tucker’s best chance yet at being able to strike into bigger and better filmmaking. The more capable he is of getting his ideas onto screen, the more likely “Ideal” is to serve as a successful short film in its own right, and a successful proof-of-concept for a larger film with studio financing.

As a critic, I champion the things I love all the time – the movies, the ideas, other writers. This is my chance to champion a filmmaker whose talent for narrative and social commentary is only as limited as the opportunities he gets. That’s why I want to see that IndieGoGo number rise even higher – so he can make the most of this particular opportunity. Visit his IndieGoGo page and learn more about “Ideal.” Check the project out. See if it’s your cup of tea, and if it is, throw some of that tea money his way – you drink too much tea already anyway.

FYI, I have no affiliation with “Ideal.” I am not involved in the production in any manner. Tucker’s just a filmmaker and friend I’ve admired since college. If anything, he still owes me some Mexican take-out from five years ago. I assume Mexican takeout accrues interest and that he owes me Mexican dinners for a year now. Stop reading my babble (for now). Go visit “Ideal.”

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