IndieGoGo Highlight: “Ideal” by Kevan Tucker

Ideal Kevan Tucker

Kevan Tucker is the most effective filmmaker I know. He’s the one most likely to get his vision up on screen. I’ve been blessed to work with him a few times – he’s always the person on set who knows the most about what’s going on, it doesn’t matter if he’s in charge or holding a microphone.

He is currently prepping a short film called “Ideal.” It’s a psychological horror movie satirizing the fashion industry. I highly recommend you check out his IndieGoGo campaign.

Tucker directed the comedy web series Compulsive Love. Before that, he directed the feature film The Unidentified, which won Best New Director at the Brooklyn International Film Festival and became a staple of PBS’s Reel 13, a program which highlights independent films.

There are some big names on “Ideal” – Uncorked Productions debuted two movies at SXSW this year. Jared Parsons produced Hulu original series Battleground. Tim O’Neill produced and edited both The Unidentified and Compulsive Love. If “Ideal” is a success, Tucker may be given a much-deserved shot at directing a longer, feature film-version called Spare.

Some readers will know Tucker, the vast majority won’t. To be honest, what I most envy about him is that he doesn’t have that voice in his head telling him why he can’t accomplish something. It comes across in his films with an energy and exuberance that’s often breathtaking, and it’s what lets him create exceedingly polished films about big ideas on minimal budgets.

I’ve seen him go to the mat to make sure a story’s told the way it ought to be, and I’ve never seen him be anything but kind and generous to his casts and crews. I’m featuring him here not because I’ve worked with him before, but because I want to see “Ideal” made. I want to see the career that opens up to a filmmaker like Kevan Tucker if it is. He’s the sort of storyteller I want to see making the movies that shape our world 20 years from now.

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